To That Girl.

To that girl, her world is loud and full of unpleasant noise. That girl knows that there isn’t a place in the world that could hold a Day of Silence. It doesn’t matter where her steps take her, each step get louder. Cluttered, tangled, indecipherable, noise.

To that girl, her music is everything. That girl knows how to string  notes together and make it her hiding place. But, to that girl, her music isn’t anything, if she loses it to the noise around her.

To that girl the noise really hurts her ears, and she starts to shut out what ever she can. She’s starting to forget the melody inside her. She’s starting to forget what good sounds are made of, and which notes she loves the most.

To that girl, she finds the harshest noise hardest to shut out. They are scaring, obnoxious, selfish and insincere, they can’t tell how how much it’s hurting her. No matter how hard she tries to cover her ears, she can’t deny the pain she feels. And to that girl, it is enough to scare her.

She wonders when will the noise stop. When will it stop progressing long enough for her to take her hands of her ears and listen the noise. How long will it take so she can finally hear the music in all that noise.

To that girl, she longs for a respite. A day where only her music is heard, where her heart song is played. A day where she can go back to the time when all she heard was the inside. But for now, she’s taking comfort in all those soft notes that occasionally slip pass her.

To that girl, that’s all she can do. For now.



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