Inner Psyche Of A Not-So Teen girl

I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing, and a simple reason why I’m blogging is to improve my english as much as I can. I learnt that being able to write fantastic words descriptively doesn’t cut it. Writing takes a more personal road and stand when it comes to blogging and if I could get anything from writing a blog, I’d wish that people understand and feel, real and raw words. Expressing yourself earns you a separate reward, but you know you’re a greater artist when you learn that people that hear and read your work, understand the wholesome heart behind it. It’s basically rewriting yourself and your life in words that people can take in. Honesty is my policy when it comes to writing, and i truly admire people who have the ability to describe their worsts in the best way they know how. Mighty respect.

Besides that, this blog is a product of pure impulse. Or rather extreme procrastination from the work I’ve received in school. But either way, they’re about the same.

So, I guess I’ve laid out my vision for myself and this blog on a silver platter, for everyone to see. No turning back now.

To side track:

I also had a problem spelling psyche, and had to, once again, consult google. Needless to say, my spelling (and grammar) ha! can be quite horrid sometimes. This is something I really struggle with while writing assignments. Well, another goal leads to motivation to keep this blog seemingly alive.

Also, I don’t write this blog for any form of audience but myself. So, there won’t be any ‘i hate you, I love you’ posts about people in my lives. Just to make things clear, because I know people around me who crave gossip, but you won’t find any here. So, for those who come with that intent, move along. Nothing you would see here that might spark any interests.

Til next time, (this never gets old.)

Pushing my thoughts into words instead of pulling my words from my thoughts. 



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