Distraction. My biggest giant.

This blog may make me out to be really emotionless, what with the lack of emoticons and informal writing, but honestly, I really dislike emoticons. I mean, they are very misleading sometimes. You can pretend to smile but not actually smiling. Or you can pretend to be nice, but not actually being, well, nice.

Having a blog is like having twitter. Except with unlimited word count and no judging eyes to see it. (aand, no stalkers. I hope.)

I wouldn’t categorize my day as being particularly enjoyable due to the amount of procrastination I have given in today. Kinda sad I forwent going to church because I didn’t really get any work done. A day in a life right?

On a brighter note, this quote really cheered me up today.

“In that still and settled place

There’s nobody but you

You’re where I breathe my oxygen

You’re where i see my view

And when the world feels full of noise

My heart knows what to do

It finds that still and settled place

And dances with you.”

-Edward Monkton 

Edward Monkton is a genius. That is all. http://www.edwardmonkton.com/

This quote managed to be written on my pink post it and pasted in my weekly homework diary. The highest place of honor. It is now my all time favorite quote.

Unlike how it’s intended to be written, I really felt loved by God when I read this. Generally, the first person that pops into peoples’ heads when they read the last line, would be a someone they liked, and would be able to image themselves dancing with them in that still and settled place.

To my surprise, the person I thought I liked, were avidly locked out from my thoughts. My mind created this picture of a father and me dancing. Maybe it was the phrase, ‘still and quiet place’ that trigged this, but something about that picture felt like a memory and not just my mind making images. 

I guess this kinda shows how I really see God in my life.

A Father. A Father to me. My Dad.

And if you take the Almighty, all-knowing, all-powerful, distant, God-like image away from the picture, He is really just my dad.

Picture a father, dancing, with His daughter. Prancing and leaping as He twirls His Beloved around and a squeal of joy leaps from her mouth. 

And that is my faith picture. It aptly describes my relationship with God and how I want my relationship with my own father to be. It gives me the chills just reading the last line. And part of me truly believes this poem is divinely inspired.

Til next time, (really never gets old)

Pushing my thoughts into words instead of pulling my words from my thoughts.


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